New City Flags are Rising

The present city banner is red, white and blue. It highlights a star in each corner and taking all things together tops peruses: “Springfield Missouri.”

At the end of the day, it’s unimaginative, unsuitable and unremarkable, as indicated by John McQueary, co-proprietor of Hotel Vandivort.

McQueary is leading endeavors by another gathering called the Springfield Identity Project to advance another banner outline — one that he trusts will rally Springfield pride and commend the group’s one of a kind culture and history.

“The objective truly is to make a flag and image that individuals interface with,” McQueary said. “Individuals couldn’t care less about (the current flag)… We don’t feel like it’s remarkable to us. We don’t feel like the image does our city equity.

At the heart of the new outline is a dull blue and white eight-pointed insignia, called the “Compass Crown.” The compass point configuration speaks to Springfield’s part as an intersection to the country. The crown is a reference to Springfield’s moniker, Queen City of the Ozarks.

McQueary clarified why Springfield can be viewed as junction: “We’re on the Trail of Tears, we were a gigantic railroad center point and stagecoach line center point and being the origination of Route 66, being a transportation avenue, has been a bit of our personality for quite a while. We’re a social intersection of the nation too. You go anyplace south of here and you’re in the South. St. Louis and Kansas City, that is more in the north. We’re a partitioning point for east and west too.”

McQueary said the three four-pointed stars speak to three components of the city: inventive soul, association with nature and Ozarks culture.

A wide white flat stripe is intended to symbolize the Ozark Plateau, on which Springfield was fabricated, and Route 66. A light blue foundation speaks to Ozarks water and skies.

Another individual from the Springfield Identity Project, Joel Thomas, stated, “There’s a considerable measure of pride in Springfield …. We simply needed something noticeable to state, better believe it that is our own, and we’re glad for that.”

Now you know enough about custom flags.

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